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Why BOLO!!

We usually meet different traits of  people in daily life and come to know their different perceptive at a  specific point but One thing is common in everyone and that is Phone call at unwanted time or mostly when we busy, It’s irritation is enough to spoil your concentration. After Looking at your problem, We started worked at Bolo’ World’s first voice assistant application, Which help you to control your phone calls even you busy.

There are top technology giant have also introduced their voice assistant but Bolo is not like other. Bolo works at it’s on own view which aim to empower you to hold bridal of your phone calls which means your phone calls would receive or reject from your voice.

Let’s take some scenario-

In case bathing, Let’s assume you are bathing and suddenly your phone start ringing from important call of your crucial client or boss to which you have to take call. Normally you need to dry your hand then you do further process that is time consuming but if you have BOLO Just say and pick it automatically.

I was travelling from Delhi to Ghaziabad yesterday, Suddenly I got a call from HR I had to pick up because It is appraisal time. Fortunately I had Installed Bolo which helped me to take call when I was driving. Personally I say my experience with BOLO was Awesome.

Bolo is the only application in your Playstore which work on this platform as well as you Bolo provide you 24*7 support regarding resolve problem in your bolo.